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Sofa cleaning in Hyderabad

We love the look our fabric sofa, but we start hating it when it’s started collecting the dirt and stains every time you use. Now here is the solution in sofa cleaning services in hyd , sofa cleaners, with the help of Sarvagya Solutions we promise in sofa dry cleaning at home in Hyderabad services and quality on work. 

Our sofa cleaning services in Telangana will cover the following services like: 

Fabric Sofa Shampooing

· Mechanized cleaning and extraction process for upholstered sofa.

· 3-Steps Process Followed for Fabric Sofa :

· Step 1 Dry Vacuum to extract loose dust.

· Step 2 Shampooing the sofa with machines for removal of dust

· Step 2 Extraction of moisture & residual dirt.

Leather / leatherette Sofa Polishing

· 2-Steps Process Followed for 

Leather/Leatherette Sofa Polishing :

· Step 1 Dry vacuum to extract loose dust

· Step 2 Recondition with cream/wax and buffing